Full Mouth Rehabilitation

About Treatment

Our smile is our pride and it creates an impression on others. But often due to some dental issues we lack the confidence to smile freely. Dental issues like damaged, decayed or chipped tooth, uneven tooth colour, or some other dental problems takes away our beautiful smile. But with dental treatment advancement, we can rebuild our smile and bring back the confidence in us through Full Mouth Rehabilitation treatment.

What is Full Mouth Rehabilitation?Full Mouth Rehabilitation is a combination treatment done to restore dental issues and design a beautiful smile for you. After a thorough consultation, a dentist can discuss the areas that are affected and need to be restored. Full Mouth Rehabilitation is done not only to build a beautiful smile but also to maintain oral health, as poor oral health often leads to other serious health problems.

Treatments involved in Full Mouth Rehabilitation:
The following treatments can be included in FMR Dental crown and bridges, Dental veneers, Dental implants, Braces, Tooth-colored fillings, Root canal therapy, Dentures Orthodontic treatment & Tooth extensions

About Treatment

Dentists use dental fillings to close teeth that have cavities in them or to repair areas where teeth have been removed. Fillings are made of metal or tooth-colored material called composite resin and are far more durable than older fillings in Kamla Nagar Agra . A filling is a small amount of material that is molded to fill a cavity in a tooth. This material can be made of gold, silver, zirconium, porcelain, or composite material. A tooth that has been drilled out completely is often called an extraction, but in reality, a tooth is not “extracted” but is actually replaced. After a tooth is drilled out, a dentist will place a filling in the tooth. The restoration of the tooth is called a “filling.” The purpose of a tooth coloured dental filling Kamla Nagar, Agra is to protect the tooth and keep the tooth looking natural.


What are Dental Fillings ?

There are multiple types of fillings. Earlier amalgam fillings were used. The major disadvantage was the metallic colour of the filling. Dental fillings, also known as denture fillings by some dentists, are generally made from dental amalgam, a combination of metals such as silver, tin, copper, zinc, and sometimes a little mercury. Other materials such as porcelain and plastics can also be used. Tooth colored filling in Agra

What are Tooth Coloured Dental Fillings ?

Tooth Coloured Dental fillings are used to repair teeth that are overly decayed or damaged. They are made of tooth coloured materials such as porcelain, gold, or composite resin. A filling is bonded to the tooth, which is then polished to match the surrounding teeth. Dental fillings are strong even if they are small. The benefit of a dental filling is that it is a fast, effective and affordable way to repair a damaged tooth.