Dental Implant

About Treatment

The dental implant surgery is carried out with extreme precision at the Dr. Dhingra Shanti Dental facility in Kamla Nagar to replace tooth roots with metal. These posts resemble screws. The finest feature of this procedure is that our dental professional uses artificial teeth that function just like real teeth to replace any lost or damaged teeth.

Dental Implant Technique Due to the unsatisfactory fits, dental implants serve as an alternative to dentures or bridgework.
Factors The success of the dental implant treatment depends on the implant type and the health of the jawbone.
At our clinic, we follow several steps for dental implants. The solid support and foundation for the new teeth is one of the biggest benefits. During the procedure, strict bone healing occurs around the implant. Bone repair might take months to complete.

Justification for this Step

The dental implants are inserted into the jaw bone during dental implant therapy in Agra. Because implants are made of titanium, they do not slip, damage the bone, or make noise the way dentures or permanent bridgework do. This metal doesn't corrode. Agra dental implants Dental implants: A Better OptionĀ 

About Treatment

There are no illnesses that affect how well bones recover.
Willing to put up with the healing process' duration but wanting to improve one's speech Avoid smoking involved risk factor Dental implants have risks to your health. You might experience uncommon or small problems, which can be handled.

Some of the risk elements in play include: A possible infection at the implant site Planning Process In Agra, dental implant therapy is administered in three stages:
Thorough dental examination
Review of medical history
Final course of action
Expectation You can get a dental implant operation at Dr. Dhingra Shanti Dental clinic. Keep in mind that this is a staged, outpatient treatment. Between surgeries, the patient requires time to recover.